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Faculty of Human Kinetics
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It is with great pleasure that in 2018, the Psychomotor Therapy Summer School - PMTSS will take place in Portugal at the Faculty of Human Kinetics from Lisbon University, from the 1st to the 7th of July.

This year the theme, Body and emotional awareness aims to enable participants to improve their knowledge in relation to emotional and body awareness; discuss how these concepts are currently described in the literature; and learn about the rational and methodological approaches to promote emotional and body awareness currently used in psychomotor professional fields.

Psychomotor therapy is based on a holistic view of the human being, drawn from the unity of body and mind and integrating cognitive, emotional, physical aspects and the capacity of being and acting in a psychosocial context. Different concepts and methods have been developed in various countries, although some differences across the methodologies still exists, each country has its own strengths and emphasizes different approaches.

The cooperation agreement for the period of 2017-2022 among the above mentioned Universities agreed on organizing one Summer School every year, in order to continue promoting the exchange of knowledge and practices in the field of psychomotor intervention in Europe, supporting the development and availability of educational resources, sharing knowledge among teachers in order to improve the quality of education of psychomotor rehabilitation courses in higher education, contributing thus to a wider development, recognition and exchange of psychomotor rehabilitation best practices across Europe.

We expect that this summer school dedicated to Body and emotional awareness will provide a valuable opportunity for students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners to share, discuss and disseminate their knowledge improving the competences for the future psychomotor professionals.

Psychomotor Therapy Summer Schools–PMTSS, have been taking place since 2007 in different countries, under a partnership among six European Universities:

  • VIA University College, Arhus/Randers, Denmark
  • Windsheim University of Applied Science, School of Human Movement and Sports, Zwole, Netherlands
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • HfH, University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Lisbon University, Faculty of Human Kinetics, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Institut de Formation en psychomotricité, ISRP, Paris and Marseille, France


The main structure of the summer school include

Workshops by



working in pairs



organized in

Major subjects

A half day program of open classes involving the participation of teachers from the six universities as well as other teachers and psychomotor professionals from the six participating universities, mostly from the hosting country.

The summer school coordinators from the six universities will be present and actively involved in the open classes and overall organization.

Students will be working in groups with the supervision and facilitation from the teacher´s in order to prepare a project presentation, in form of a teaching programme.

Students will be asked to present their project and reflect on their learning and skills development during the summer school.

Learning outcomes

Following the participation in the summer
school, students will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge on the theoretical background and current research on body and emotional awareness in the psychomotor professional field.
  • Gain personal competences as future psychomotor therapists helping individuals to cope with emotions.
  • Expand their understanding on body oriented methods and techniques in order to access thinking, feeling and acting modes, allowing to modulate emotions and facilitate body and emotional awareness.
  • Gain practical skills to work through psychomotor interventions with different target groups in educational, preventive and therapeutic settings, supporting individuals, groups and social systems (e.g. families, work settings).
  • Reflect on the theories and practices supporting psychomotor interventions focused in body and emotional awareness across different countries.
  • Reflect on a common psychomotor intervention referential, based on the different approaches presented.


The theme, Body and emotional awareness in Psychomotor therapy of this year summer school aims to gain knowledge, reflect and learn practical ways to observe the interconnection between body and emotions, while focusing on the interaction between appraisal, sensation, intentionality, feeling, motor behaviour, and interpersonal relations, with particular relevance in psychomotor interventions in education, preventive and therapeutic fields. The theme will include 3 subjects, concerning


The interconnection between body and emotions, theoretical uunderstanding and knowledge of body and emotional awareness with relevance in the psychomotor therapy field


Working with body sensations, perceptions, emotional stages, and the interaction between levels of awareness in different target groups and in educational, preventative and therapeutic settings.


Psychomotor practice for body and emotional awareness – how to access thinking, feeling and acting modes, to be able to modulate body and emotional status.


Students will be assessed by their participation during the summer school and by a project presentation that should demonstrate the knowledge acquired and it’s transferability into their professional practice as psychomotor professionals.

A questionnaire to assess outcomes and overall benefits that students attribute to each subject will be completed and collated with respect to the students’ awareness of how body and emotional awareness is defined, described and applied in the psychomotor practice.


Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Who may apply

PMTSS 2018 Students

Students studying in Psychomotor Rehabilitation Courses, from the six Universities in the partnership apply to their University PMTSS Coordinator.
The process follows an application period. Student’s application are assessed by each University PMTSS coordinator that selects six students per University followed by a period where the students selected are required to proceed with the registration in order to be formally accepted in the PMTSS 2018. If there are any vacancies after this period of application, these vacancies will be available for a second phase of applications. All selection and registration processes must be completed by the end of March. The total number of students is 52.

Registration Deadline




Open classes July 5th – 15.00 - 19.00 pm

Students and professionals from Psychomotor Rehabilitation Courses or related areas can participate. The maximum number of participants is 30 per open class. 

Registration for the open classes is required only for students and professionals not registered as PMTSS 2018 students*

Registration Deadline



*Registration is conditioned upon availability of places

Reasons to participate

PMTSS 2018 Students

Previous students participating in this event said:

“A remarkable experience for the rest of our lives.”

“The interaction with students from other countries was beneficial to our personal and professional development.”

“An improved awareness of our national identity and values as psychomotor therapists.”

Students doing the PMTSS will get

3 ETCS credit points.

Open Classes

The half day open classes program, open to students and psychomotor professionals, not participating in the PMTSS 20188 will have the opportunity to have an overview of psychomotor interventions for body and emotional awareness currently being used across five countries in Europe and that have been shared by the teachers involved in the 2018 Summer School.


The student’s fee include:

  • Attendance at the workshops and open classes
  • Hostel from 1st to 7th July
  • Meals (5x dinner, 5x lunch, coffee breaks)
  • Social & cultural programe

250 euros *

Students are required to proceed with the payment in order their registration is validated

Payment deadline 30th april 2018

The students have to pay the transport to/from Lisbon, Portugal.

The travel arrangements from home countries can be supported by the coordinator of your home university.

*Special conditions for Portuguese students (students volunteers, members of the organizing committee 100 euros including attendance ate the workshops, open classes and coffee breaks)


After selection, students must access and complete this online registration.

Access and complete the online registration

For any additional questions or inquiries on the registration process, please contact us by email


The fee include:

  • Attendance at 4 open classes
  • Coffee breaks

35 euros

Registration validated after confirmation of availability of places and payment

Payment deadline 4th of July 2018


Access and complete the online registration

For any additional questions or inquiries on the registration process, please contact us by email
Sponsors FMH - Psychomotor Therapy Summer School 2018
Sponsors FMH - Psychomotor Therapy Summer School 2018